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How much do stage managers make?


    In a word, no one gets into theater for the money!!! The ongoing, never-ending search for "the next job" precludes any sense of financial security. No matter what show, or job, you're on, it's going to end at some point, and you have to find the next one.

    One major exception to this is if you find a "home" at a regional theater, where you can get along well with the management and they appreciate the work you do. When such a match is made, you could probably continue to work there until you want to move on, or until the theater comes under new management and wants to "clean house" of all employees under the old regime. Some SMs have worked at the same regional theater for as long as 25 years or more.

    When a stage manager works, s/he can make anywhere from ZERO to $1000/day. It totally depends on the venue, type of contract (if any), and what you can negotiate, based on what you can offer to the producer.

    Unless you're VERY lucky, very connected, or both, it takes at least several years to get to the point where you can support yourself on stage managing (or related) jobs alone.