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The International Cohort consists of Stage Manager Ambassadors from around the world. If you are a stage manager traveling to another country (for work/fun) and are interested in connecting with stage managers in that area, please contact us. Our Ambassadors can also help with questions you might have about how stage management operates in the country that they work/reside in.

If you are a stage manager based in a country or who works extensively in a country that isn’t represented yet and have interest in joining this cohort, please contact us.

More info and resources about international stage management are available to SMA members. Log in to view. If you are not a member, click here to join the SMA.

Stage Management Organizations


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A trade association for stage managers, providing advocacy and support in the United Kingdom. The SMA speaks up on behalf of stage managers, taking stage management issues to other bodies and organisations within the industry and beyond to find solutions to issues of all kinds affecting stage management.

Stage Management Association

United Kingdom

Asociación de Regiduría del Espectáculos


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Inspizienten-Netzwerk (Stage Managers Network) was founded in 2013 at the very first German Stage Managers Convention. At the moment there are more than 270 stage managers in this network. The Inspizienten-Netzwerk and the SM-conventions are organized by a group of stage managers from different theatres in Germany: Annette Reisser, Katrin Reichardt, Marc Brinkmann, Ralph Hoenle, Sabine Konz and Tommy Egger. Our network was founded to improve the communication between stage managers, to organize meetings and conventions and to work on an educational program for future stage managers.

Since June 2019 the “Inspizienten-Netzwerk e.V.”. is a registered association and we are now finally able to act professionally on our own without other German organizations. Club-Chairman is Ralph Hoenle, Vice-Chairwoman is Katrin Reichardt.

The German Ambassadors for the international stage managers committee are (Brett Nancarrow and) Tommy Egger who look forward to work with you all. We are really thrilled to talk to stage managers from other countries and to exchange our experiences and help each other.  All of us think the idea of connecting the stage managers of our beautiful blue planet is brilliant and it is great to be a part of that from now on.



Stage Manager Ambassadors

Hope Rose Kelly

USA – Committee Chair

Jon Allen


Kat Chin


David McGraw


Paz Zavaleta


Fernando Daubler


Tommy Egger


Dian Harcovecchio

South Africa

Macarena Hernández Mejía


Ronel Jordaan

South Africa

Brett Nancarrow


Julia Reid

United Kingdom

Lucie Everett-Brown

New Zealand

Darren Kowacki


Emily Louise Palmer


Oriana Papa


Amrita Puri


Anna Robb

Hong Kong

Keyur Shah


Ada Zhang