The Stage Managers’ Association of the United States is the only professional organization for working stage managers across the United States. Our mission is to recognize, advocate for, and provide continuing education and networking opportunities for stage managers across the USA.


In the fall of 1981, a group of New York stage managers held a get-together with the stage managers of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Nicholas Nickleby. That get-together was the inspiration for us to start regular meetings; at first on a social basis, then as an official Business Meeting in February 1982.

Common concerns raised at those first meetings included:

  • Lack of representation in our unions;
  • The need to meet other stage managers on a regular basis to exchange ideas, contacts, and job opportunities; and
  • A desire to educate others about the work we do.

Networking and Education remain an important part of our mission today.

Our members are united for a common cause: to continue to advocate for and recognize stage managers for the work we do in the entertainment profession.