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Opera Terms Stage Managers should know
Contains a list of terms and phrases.
Logo to be used for branding the SM GO events
Crew Names
I stage manage events. I encounter different crews constantly. I created this document so that crew names would be organized on the page in a logical (to my mind) way. I can always add or delete a category depending on the production's needs. I simply fill in the blanks (on the computer or by hand) and my eye always knows where to look for a particular crew member.
Run Narrative
A sample run narrative for a play
SM Production To Do
Prep week check list for stage managers.
Pre Show Check List
Sample Pre show check list
Opera Who What Where
Basic template for a who what where when doing opera paperwork.
Opera SM Check List
Check list for the prep week of an opera.
Opera Scene Breakdown
Singer, Scene breakdown
Opera AV Sheet
Sheet to plot out the AV needs of an Opera
New Theatre Checklist
List of things to do or find in a new theatre
Medical Information
If you need to collect simple information in case of an emergency with your staff.
Local Resources
A simple list of stores, places and resources around your venue, site or theatre.
Line Notes
Line notes per line
Line Notes per Actor
Line notes by actor
Crew Breakdown
When you walk into a new event or show and just need a list of who is who.
Costume Plot
Costume plot used on a play
Costume Breakdwon
Costume Breakdown for a play
Contact Sheet
Blank Production Contact Sheet
Actor Scene Breakdown
Simple actor scene break down for a play.
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