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International Cohort

International Cohort

The International Cohort consists of Stage Manager Ambassadors from around the world.
If you are a stage manager based in a country or works extensively in a country that isn’t represented yet and have interest in joining this cohort, please contact us via the button below.
The Cohort is here to help any stage manager traveling to another country (for work/fun) and who is interested in connecting with stage managers in that area. Our Ambassadors can also help with questions you might have about how stage management operates in the country that they work/reside in. Available to SMA Members only: Click on a map marker and connect with an Ambassador.

Stage Management Organizations

Stage Management Association

United Kingdom

Asociación de Regiduría de Espectáculos


Inspizienten-Netzwerk e.V.


Stage Managers Association India


Stage Managers Association Australia Ltd


Reg AR

Quebec, Canada

Stage Manager Ambassadors - United Kingdom

International Cohort

Emily Louise Palmer

International Cohort

Julia Reid

Stage Manager Ambassadors - Germany

International Cohort

Brett Nancarrow


Daniela Tatto

Stage Manager Ambassadors - Spain

Laia Machado

Press Page

María Dávila

Stage Manager Ambassadors - Canada

International Cohort

Kat Chin

Elaine Normandeau

Stage Manager Ambassadors - United States

Leadership, Eastern Region, and pop up

Hope Rose Kelly

Cohort Chair

Leadership & International Cohort

David McGraw

International Cohort

Jon Allen

Stage Manager Ambassador - Mexico

International Cohort

Paz Zavaleta

Stage Manager Ambassadors - South Africa

International Cohort

Dian Harcovecchio

Ronel Jordaan

Stage Manager Ambassadors - New Zealand

International Cohort

Lucie Everett-Brown

Kate Middleton-Olliver

Stage Manager Ambassadors - Australia

International pop up

Madison Burkett

International Cohort

Darren Kowacki

Kate Middleton-Olliver

Stage Manager Ambassadors - India

International Cohort

Amrita Puri

International Cohort

Keyur Shah

Stage Manager Ambassador - Hong Kong

International Cohort

Anna Robb

Stage Manager Ambassadors - China

International Cohort

Ada Zhang

Stage Manager Ambassador - Argentina


Emiliano Caffarelli

Stage Manager Ambassador - South Korea

International Cohort

Robert Mills

Stage Manager Ambassador - United Arab Emirates

international cohort

Nagla Essam

Stage Manager Ambassador - Malaysia


Bree De Souza