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Lexi McKayEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Contact the International Cohort


I am currently at gradate school in the United States and in my program we can study abroad for a class credit. I was wondering if anyone in the international cohort knew of any theaters that I could apply to do a summer apprenticeship in stage management.

Lexi McKayOctober 21, 2022130.160.194.90
Kate McLeodEmail hidden; Javascript is required.General Concerns

Hi! My name is Kate McLeod and I am a San Diego based stage manager with disabilities that limit my ability to lift/move objects and my endurance. I've been doing ok, but It's been a struggle to find jobs that will consider me when I try to explain my limitations. Are there any resources for training to make me a better candidate, or do you know of any disability-friendly companies I could try? No worries if not, thank you for your time!

Kate McLeodAugust 31, 202270.181.251.24
Bonnie L BeckerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Membership

I have a new cc # and have been trying to renew my membership for about a week now but I am not given the "renew" option on the website. Please advise.


Bonnie L. BeckerFebruary 24, 202247.16.232.224
Jaylen DewsEmail hidden; Javascript is required.General Concerns

Hello, would there be any stage managers that would be open to having an interview for a class. I am a undergraduate Technical Theater Major at George Mason University.

February 15, 202276.78.141.159
Lauren Class SchneiderEmail hidden; Javascript is required.General Concerns

PLEASE send the job posting about the Miami gig Feb 16 - 18. I appreciate hearing from you about the problems with the website, but in trying to answer your question, it brings me to the same "Oops" location. Might you send me the info about the Miami gig, then let us work together on the problem with the website? Kindly, Lauren

January 25, 202273.85.15.44
Lauren Class SchneiderEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Website Help

I would like access to the job posting for a gig in Miami Feb 16 - Feb 18. The website is asking me to reset my password, which I've tried twice. Each time, it gives me an "Oops" error message. Will you please email me the job posting?

January 25, 202298.7.203.78
Ian Kevin ScottEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Membership

Hello, I would like to join as a professional AEA stage manager and was wondering what reference(s) are needed for the application. It's been a few years since my last AEA contract since I've been spending the last few years working in the film industry. All the best, Ian

January 15, 202170.76.60.224
Paul HamraEmail hidden; Javascript is required.SMA Job Postings

Hello, Is there an SMA member contact in the Phoenix, AZ location?

My company might setup a part time job for a Stage Manager in between their main jobs.

Or should I put a description of the the job and post it on the SMA web page?

Really enjoyed the Zoom event today!

Paul Hamra
Phoenix, AZ

January 13, 2021174.66.123.116
David MakuchEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Website Help

Hi, I tried to register my institution for the conference, but the options say "sales ended". The web site says registration closes tomorrow, so what am I doing wrong?

October 8, 2020173.81.48.27
Anushka AgarwalaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Membership

I'm a recent high school graduate taking a gap year due to COVID and was wondering if there were any opportunities for me during this year. I am primarily based out of India and Singapore and would love for local or remote opportunities. Thank you for your consideration.

September 2, 202071.226.224.5
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