In Shanghai; we were rehearsing and we had security in place around the stage and guarding the entrance to back stage. Each guard was instructed by a translator to the not let anyone into the backstage area unless they had a pass from the show. That not even venue staff could enter via this particular entrance (as it pretty much is breaking the 4th wall!).

We continue to rehearse and I notice that on the stage left side, the guard is letting several people backstage. I walk over and ask him if he understood the directions and that no one was permitted back stage except staff of the show. He says yes he understands. I showed him my show pass and he assured me he understood that only people with the exact pass I had could go back stage. I return to front of house. Twenty minutes goes by and he lets another person go by and I rush over to him and ask why he did that. He says that that particular person has a higher rank than him and he can’t tell him no.

I asked the translator for the highest level security guard!