While working on a tour as the calling stage manager in the Middle East,  I volunteered to help the crew load out the show. In this particular load out we had to load all of the set and road cases onto airplane palettes to bring to the airport that night to fly to our next city. I was placed in a parking lot where the crew of locals would bring out the road cases and I would organize them onto the correct palette.

So here I am, female (5’2- 130 ish pounds) alone in a parking lot at 11pm. I’ve just brought a few cases and I start to sort the cases that had already been brought out.  I move one of the large wardrobe cases out of the way and when I do, standing behind it is a man. He has his back to me and is hunched over.  I scream. He turns around and see that he has his pants undone and he was “arm wrestling the one eyed vessel”.  He stops to look at me and then continues. At which point I scream a few profanities including WTF, which although I am certain he did not speak English, I think he got the point. I however run over to the security officer directing the exiting traffic and try to explain to him what I have just witnessed and as I acted out what I just witnessed the man is very confused and just walks away from me the screaming foreigner.

Meanwhile the random stranger doing his handy work has fled into the woods at which point I radio for a member of our crew with male genitalia to take my place as I was done for the night.