How To Host Your Own Social Event

Many of our members don’t know how easy it is to put together an SMA sponsored Social Event (a.k.a. SMA SM GO EVENTS) in their area. Below are some simple guidelines and info on how to go about hosting your own social event.

The SMA will pay for light appetizers only (no alcohol). The Host can then submit a receipt, attached to this event report form to the Treasurer by email ( for reimbursement (if you are having a social event in NYC, there are some places who give discounts if you show you Equity card).

SMA SM GO EVENTS: (social networking, food and drink gathering, an SM walks into a bar event, bowling, lasertag, brunch, bagels etc… any social gathering to get SM’s together, snacks provided)
Up to 10 persons $8 per person
Up to 50 persons $100 total
Over 50 persons or for special events such as Award Ceremonies or Holiday Events, check with the Treasurer (

Here are some tips on how to organize your event:

  1. Find a place that is good for large groups and call them to see if you can make a reservation.
  2. Pick a day/time (usually Sunday or Monday nights, 6:00/7:00pm-10:00/11:00pm).
  3. Contact the SMA Secretaries ( about posting the event on the website/social media sites and emailing the membership. Must provide contact information (will be emailed to membership, but not posted in public places). Always include location (i.e. city) of the event in the subject of the email and make sure it is highlighted in the body of the message/announcement.
  4. RSVP date is usually the day or two before the event so you can give the location a count of how many you are expecting.
  5. Have an awesome time!

We encourage photos of your event to post on the SMA website and a little blurb about how it went. Please send these to