A Welcome from the SMA Chair

Welcome to the Stage Managers Association:

It was a pleasure to again be in New York for the annual meeting. Webmaster Jon Goldman gave us an informative presentation on the soon to launched new website and there were a number of questions brought up which related to public vs private pages; questions which led to a discussion about the need to provide professional development opportunities and links to other affiliates. An issue was brought up about the SMA Directory, which for a number of reasons is complicated, expensive and time consuming for an organization of our size to manage online. Individuals interested in making suggestions and having input on the website should use the Support Contact Form on this site.

Programming was also discussed. Jon Goldman and Rich Costabile and the committee have been working hard to relaunch Operation Observation as an ongoing effort of the SMA; Erin Joy Swank will be working on new Online Forums that should be able to be live streamed from our website, and Mandy Berry, Tina Shackelford, Kevin Casey and Joe Drummond and I along with other committee members have been discussing mentoring and how best to integrate this into our organizational culture an as an ongoing effort.

After the meeting there was a lively discussion on Working in Regional Theatre put together by Melissa Nathan which also took on the subject of regional transfer to NYC and collaborative productions. The panelists, Melissa Nathan, Hope Rose Kelly, Liz Reddick and Dan Zittel shared their personal experiences and the session was rich and informative.

As I said in my candidate statement, I am eager to see the SMA expand its reach nationally, and become THE essential affiliation for every stage manager. With the new website in place and with the help of the Vice Chairs, Mandy Berry, and Hope Rose Kelly, the board members, the officers, Past Chairs and other invested members we can set some goals to continue increase the value of being a member of the SMA.

I want to thank Jon Goldman for his leadership over the past few years. I believe it is important for the Association to build on the ground work already laid in place and continue the work to strengthen ties with directors, producers, unions and other national theatre associations. This will lift our national profile.

Please join me in this effort. If you have an idea, a suggestion an issue, or are a member with a long career who is now interested in giving back; WE NEED YOU. You can use the “Contact the Chair” link on the tools menu to contact me.


Elynmarie Kazle, Chair
Stage Managers Association