Recently we had one of THOSE nights: a major drop used for the majority of act two couldn’t come in and I and my crew made many adjustments on the fly, including during that 22 second set change while the audience was watching a video. The new sound board op jumped my cues twice in the same night, too. However, after the show the ASM and I met some famous choreographers and were introduced as the stage managers. The first words out of their mouths were “Flawless!” followed by telling us how all the scenery went in and out perfectly. They then relived several production moments for us. Yeah, that was kinda fun! Though perhaps my favorite part was my friend’s little boy on headset during a post-show tour – the crew talked to him and his eyes were big with “Who said that?” as they guided him to look around the stage for the person waving to him. ❤️End of night = worth it all!